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About the Law Firm

 Karat & Co. – Law Office is a professional law firm, practicing divorce and family law exclusively. If uncompromised professionalism, personal service, thinking outside of the box, and career assets are important to you – we are the firm for you.

Karat & Co. – Family and Divorce Law Office is one of the most prominent law firms specializing in the field of divorce in Israel. The professionalization of our divorce lawyers in laws on division of assets, career assets, professional reputation and personal reputation, enables our firm to provide the professional service needed specifically by business people, senior managers, company owners, hi-tech people and other professionals, who often demand specialization in these issues in order to protect their property.
Our firm is unique in its ability to think outside of the box when it comes to divorce and family law, and our one aim is to resolve difficult problems that ordinary thinking or regular legal conduct of lawyers cannot handle. This kind of thinking characterizes our lawyers, who often contest existing perceptions and axioms that seem to be an inseparable part of reality. We aspire to change these perceptions and to create new alternatives within the fields of divorce and personal status.
We are devoted to providing personal service, with an emphasis on providing humane assistance to each and every one of our clients, and as such we make sure that every client receives his lawyer’s personal mobile phone number.
The legal service provided by our firm is characterized by, among other things, understanding our client’s needs so as to exhaust division of property possibilities by protecting assets while minimizing damage to the client’s professional activities and career assets.
Our divorce lawyers adopt a pro-active attitude in order to promote our clients’ interests and needs before and during divorce proceedings.
A Winning Team – Choosing Divorce Lawyers
One of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life is the decision regarding which divorce lawyer to choose. In many cases, this decision determines whether you face defeat or victory. A winning team is critical at every step of divorce.
Each divorce case contains an entire world, dealing with different people, with different facts and different problems. A divorce lawyer needs to be trustworthy, someone you can rely on, that can provide you with personal attention and a shoulder to lean on during your more difficult moments.
Lawyer Yitzhak-Erez Karat is a divorce and family law lawyer specializing in career assets. His ability and deep legal knowledge make it possible to reach the High Court of Justice. This, together with his experience that reaching a divorce agreement provides the best, quickest and cheapest way to get divorced, leads him to strive to achieve such agreements when necessary (by using his developed mediation abilities).
Lawyer Yitzhak-Erez Karat takes advanced vocational training courses on a regular basis and keeps up to date on changes within the legal world. Lawyer Yitzhak-Erez Karat is a specialist in division of property proceedings, particularly in the division and protection of career assets in divorce proceedings. Lawyer Yitzhak-Erez Karat has vast knowledge in the field of commercial law, and accordingly specializes in divorce proceedings that include division of material business assets, including hi-tech companies, outsourcing companies, manpower companies, etc., as well as specializing in substantial inheritance management including real-estate, commerce and businesses.
Lawyer Yitzhak-Erez Karat’s original and atypical thinking and enables him to provide creative solutions to divorce proceedings.
Lawyer Yitzhak-Erez Karat founded the office using advanced technology, with the aim of setting a new standard of quality, professionalism and personal commitment.
Most of the firm’s clients are business people whose time is dear, and as such we provide the possibility of receiving legal counsel at the client’s offices, as well as providing him with the mobile phone number of the lawyer in charge of his file, thus ensuring availability for the client.
Lawyer Dorin Globerman-Karat is a divorce and family law lawyer specializing in divorce mediation. She has extensive experience in tens of complex legal cases and has been active particularly in the field of family law and divorce for about a decade.
Lawyer Dorin Globerman-Karat specializes particularly in negotiations/mediation and has a vast number of successes in this field to her credit (93% success in divorce mediation).
Lawyer Dorin Globerman-Karat has a L.L.B. degree in law and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 2002, since which she has attended advanced vocational training courses in family law and inheritance at Tel Aviv University and at the Israel Bar Association.
Lawyer Dorin Globerman-Karat provides unexceptionable legal and personal service – her distinct trademark.
She is widely known for the attention and support she gives her clients.

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