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Divorce Agreement

? Why do we need a divorce agreement

When a couple decides to get divorced, they naturally make many other, very complex, decisions as well. They need to divide their joint property. When there are children involved, they need to determine their parental conduct as divorcees, both financially (child maintenance) and organizationally (custodial and visitation rights), and many other different and various matters

The couple has the option, of course, of the commonly held, but not very successful, long and exhausting court proceedings. These proceedings usually leave the couple without energy and with little property to divide between them

This road had obvious drawbacks, particularly when the couple has children together. The children are forced to watch their parents waging a world war on each other, and are often used by their parents as tools to goad each other and to pass messages between them. These acts are obviously extremely damaging to the child who is already hurt more than enough by the breakdown of the family unit. 

A much more effective alternative is to resolve all these issues by means of a divorce agreement.

 ? So what, in fact, is a divorce agreement

As its name implies, a divorce agreement is a document that includes all points of agreement reached by the couple, on all issues. As we mentioned above – these include the issues of division of property, and of the division of the economic burden of raising the children. The agreement resolves all problems that arise during the divorce process, and that may arise after the divorce

It is important to know that it is recommended practice to present the agreement before the court in order to have it approved and legally validated. This makes the contract more binding than a regular contract and is much easier to enforce in the case of one of the parties breaking the contract


 ? Why do we need a lawyer to formulate our divorce agreement

A divorce lawyer is an objective third party who remains uninfluenced by the emotions that are part of the situation. As such, he is capable of drawing the couple’s attention to important issues that need to be discussed and that may be forgotten by them as a result of the emotional upheaval they’re going through
A divorce lawyer that is representing both parties ensures that both of their interests are addressed in the best possible way to ensure that both of them come out winning

Of course the greatest advantage in having a lawyer involved in the process is the experience and legal knowledge he provides the couple with in order to formulate a good and effective agreement and in order to have the agreement approved by the courts in the quickest and easiest fashion , without mistakes or unnecessary effort

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Divorce Laws

Divorce laws in Israel are very different form other west countries in the world ….

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Divorce Agreement
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